eberron remembered

New Beginings

Green Dragon!

As well seasoned adventures, we feel no hesitation to step into the darkness of the cavern. We have come here for the additional fame, fortune, and glory. The area around us darken as we walk deeper into the cavern. Our eyes begin to adjust to the absence of light and we now can see the high blackened ceiling of this cave. A little further in we hear something and all stop. Looking further into the darkness we see what we came for, a green dragon and his horde. As we prepare our selves for the intense battle before us everything instantly becomes black

Sluggishly my eyes begin to open. Where am I? What happened? As I begin to right myself, hear “It worked!” I look around and can clearly see that we are now in a building with two dwarves. I am still stunned as he steps down from the dais and begins to speak with us. He is quite excited and I really only catch a few words he says because of my current state. I really didn’t catch all of the information because I didn’t feel too well after waking up on the floor.

I feel like I have been beaten by a mob again, stiff, sore, dizzy, and fuzzy headed. Maybe i just drank too much again and got into another scuffle. The dwarf continues to talk as I look over myself. No cuts, bruises, scrapes or anything like that. I then proceed to check out my stuff. Usually it’s all stolen after being rolled. Hmm, looks like the general basics. For some reason I can’t recall what was exactly in my pack. I still feel strange. I finally turn my attention to the dwarf just as he said “well, you all had died in the dragon’s lair”. That caught my attention. I begin to listen more intently. He explains that someone has stolen something important from them and our notoriety of past ventures had led him to choose us to assist in returning them. He said they had been looking for our remains and it has been 300 years since that day in the dragons den. You could hear the excitement in his voice like a young child getting presents on his celebration for his day of his birth. He states that bringing us back may have not been perfect since there were so little remains left to work from. We might not be as strong as before but still have our knowhow. After he explains the situation he asks us if we could be the heroes we were before and assist him in returning the stolen items.

The group confers and decides that we might as well help. I state that it is in my best interest since I am questing for knowledge and what better way to gain this but by venturing. Each of us set off to ready ourselves for this campaign; I went out with the little one for some lunch since it seems that I do not really need more supplies other than the ones in my pack. We all return back to the little house to meet back with the dwarfs. He hands us a simple map and some healing potions, just in case, and we set off.

Our first days travel was very quiet. During the first night our little one heard chanting deep into the woods. He awoke me and we discussed what it could be. The sound was faint and wasn’t moving. We decided that it didn’t appear threatening so I went back to bed. That morning I asked little Sam about what else happened with the noise. He stated that it continued for a short time and then stopped. We didn’t think anything about it then. We broke camp and continued on our way.

Continuing on the path we see something in the distance. One of us could make out that it was a goblin dog. It began to charge us. It wasn’t long and we defended ourselves well from the now slain dog. Just as it fell we look over and see three goblins shouting as they are running toward us. One of them stopped and began to chant in a foreign language as the other two begin to attack. Once again we were tasked with defending ourselves. I could not help but call for help in this situation. The fallen dog began to stand up as all its flesh fell off leaving nothing but a bunch of bones stained with blood. It began to assist us with the goblins. One of the goblins looked to be very shaken by the skeletal dog as it ran toward him. He, as well as the others, eventually fell.

We collected ourselves and any battle gains and continued on to complete our second day of travel without further issue. That night was quiet as well. We proceeded to break our fast and our camp. Further down the road we were jumped by a beast with multiple heads. We had no choice but to defend ourselves once again. We were once again victorious against another foe that felt that we needed to die. Why is everything out to get us? Just another question that needs an answer in my quest for knowledge.

- Zain



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