Beastmaster, Lyger


Stat Block
Female Half-elf, Human Raised
N medium humanoid
Init 5 Senses Low-Light Vision Perception +8
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15
hp 45
Fort 6 Reflex 6 Will 3
Speed 40 ft
Melee Masterwork Scorpion whip +6 (1d4
2/x2) or Dagger 5 (1d42/19-20/x2)
Ranged Masterwork Longbow +7 (1d8/x3) or Blowgun +6 (1d2/x2)
Space 5 Reach 5
STR 14 DEX 17 CON 16 INT 17 WIS 15 CHA 19
BAB 3 CMB 5 CMD 18
Feats Additional Traits, Prodigy
Skills Acrobatics 6, Appraise 3, Bluff 6, Climb 6, Diplomacy 4, Disguise 5, Escape Artist 6, Fly 2, Handle Animal 10, Heal 2, Intimidate 4, Knowledge (nature) 9, Perception 8, Animal Trainer 8, Ride 8, Sense Motive 3, Stealth 8, Survival 9, Swim 1
Languages Elven, Common, Sylvan, Celestial, Terran
Gear +1 Studded Leather (Medium), Whip, Masterwork Scorpion whip, Masterwork Longbow, Blowgun, Dagger (3), Arrows (50), Darts – Blowgun (50), My Pack, Animal Call, Kit – Beast-training, Kit – Cooking (AA), Kit – Gear Maintenance, Explorer’s outfit, Kit – Antidote, Kit – Riding, Vermin Repellent, Veterinarian’s Kit, Leather Barding (Horse – large animal)

Lyger Cat, Big Medium ZyKrina Low-light vision, Scent

Companion Name Species Size Character Name Senses

STR 24 +7 TRICKS HP 33 INIT +4 = +4 + 0

Seek, Track, Attack, Come, Defend, Down, Guard, and Heel Animal Companion
DEX 19 +4
SPEED 40 8 x4 0 0 0 0
CON 17 +3 ft sq ft ft ft

DAMAGE REDUCTION Studded Leather Bard 4 5
WIS 15 +2
CHA 10 0


Animal Companion Features
Total • Link (Ex) (Core 52): You can handle your animal
companion as a free action, or push it as a move
TOTAL CONDITIONAL MODIFIERS action, even if you don’t have any ranks in the
FORT 6 BAB 2 Handle Animal skill. You gain a 4 circumstance
bonus on all wild empathy checks and Handle
Animal checks.
REFLEX 7 CMD 19 • Shared Vigilance (Ex) (AnA 20): You and your master
both gain Alertness as a bonus feat whenever you
are adjacent.
WILL 3 CMB 9 Feats
• Dodge (Core 122): You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your
• Improved Natural Armor (Best 315): Your natural
ENCUMBRANCE armor is increased by +1.*
• Improved Natural Attack (Bite) (Best 315): You do
additional damage with this natural attack*
350 699 1050 1050 2100 5250 20 • Improved Natural Attack (Claws) (Best 315): You do
additional damage with this natural attack*
LIGHT MEDIUM HEAVY OVERHEAD LIFT OFF PUSH/ WEIGHT • Attack: The animal attacks apparent enemies. You may
LOAD LOAD LOAD GROUND PULL CARRIED point to a particular creature that you wish the
animal to attack, and it will comply if able.
• Come: The animal comes to you, even if it normally
ATTACKS would not do so.
• Defend: The animal defends you (or is ready to
NAME ATTACK DAMAGE NOTES defend you if no threat is present), even
Bite (Primary) +2 1d8
2 plus grab without any command being given. Alternatively,
you can command the animal to defend another
Claws (Primary) 2/2 1d6+2 x2, plus rake specific character.
• Down: The animal breaks off from combat or otherwise
#N/A #N/A #N/A backs down.
• Guard: The animal stays in place and prevents others
ATTACK NOTES from approaching.
• Heel: The animal follows you closely, even to places
where it normally wouldn’t go.
• Seek: The animal moves into an area and looks around
for anything that is obviously alive or animate.
• Track: The animal tracks the scent presented to it.
Equipment Carried
SKILLS • +1 Studded Leather (Medium)


C Acrobatics DEX +8 +4 1 +3

C Climb STR +7 +7 0

X Escape Artist DEX +5 +4 1

C Fly DEX +4 +4 0

X Intimidate CHA 0 0 0

C Perception WIS +2 +2 0

C Stealth DEX +8 +4 1 +3

X Survival WIS +2 +2 0

C Swim STR +7 +7 0



0 #VALUE! * Denotes bonuses or penalties already included in the calculations

Magic Items:


Zykrina Adventure Log

Well that’s my name, I will make it a great one!
I guess I should start at the beginning, huh? Well here it goes.
I was found by my parents when I was but a bare elfling. They were heading into town on the main road when they rounded a blind corner and came across the remnants of brigands’ ambush. There was very little other than trash remaining of the 2 wagons that had been attacked. The wagons themselves had been flipped over and burned. Everything they carried had been torn, shredded and scattered beyond repair or retrieval. It was an abandoned battle zone at best.
As they stood there gaping at the proof of the dangers of the road they heard a small cry from below the biggest wagon. Working together they were able to use their team of horses to right the wagon, despite it’s size. As they did so they saw a flash of light, the final breaking of a protection ward.
As it did so the crying got louder, hey I was hungry! Needless to say they retrieved me and decided the only thing to do was to bring me home with them. They didn’t have children of their own you see, as their only son had died of Scarlet Fever the winter before. I was their hope and turned into the child they no longer had. I have no complaints.
They totally ignored the fact that I was partially a different race, and did not tolerate anyone around me who had issues with it either. So all in all, I had a great childhood. We were not rich in mortal treasures, but everything else was readily available at all times. That ranged from hugs of encouragement, chores, and blessings. I grew up on a ranch, at the foothills of the forest covered mountains. We had animals of all types, as we firmly believed that as long as we took care of nature, it would continue to take care of us.
Three years ago, I found my own foundling, kind of anyway. On the way into the City on a trade run, I heard hollers for help ahead of me. I took off expecting to finally deal with some of the brigands that were known, (personally) to haunt the road. Turns out I was right and wrong.
It wasn’t a brigand, thief or rouge. It wasn’t even gang of them. It was a Tiger that was attacking the small family. Now this tiger wasn’t exactly fat, but was the largest one I’d ever seen. She was fierce in her attacks, the family was loud with their screams. Even when I joined in the attack, she refused to run. She was that desperate. She was just a wild and crazy animal. I had to put her down for the safety of everyone. I did so and was thanked repeatedly by the family I rescued as I continued to check out my kill.
I was able to find the causes of the attack. When I passed it on, they too agreed it was a shame to have to kill such a majestic creature in self defense. First she was injured. She had a piece of an old trap pierced through her hind foot. It was old, rusty and very infected. She could hardly walk, much less hunt for herself. That was why she had hunted the only prey that couldn’t outrun her. The weaklings on the road.
Second and of more immediate concern, she was a nursing mother. Somewhere there was at least a cub that was not going to get dinner at best, at worst it could become dinner to anything that wanted one without it’s mother to defend it against the predators that abounded in the area. I knew I couldn’t let either of those things happen. I tracked her back to her lair, and found the only cub left of a litter of 3. They were all skin and bones so there was no doubt about what had killed the other 2. He was hiding under the bodies of his litter mates, trying to stay warm with their cooling corps. It was sad.
I managed to coax him out from under the stack with some fresh rabbit that I’d caught while tracking his mama back to him. He crawled his way out on his belly, barely strong enough to cry and to smart to make enough noise to scare the rabbit away. I crooned encouragingly to him the entire time. I made a friend that day.
I named him Lyger as from the beginning he was determined to grow into his appetite. He never stopped eating and growing for years it seemed. He is definitely one of the largest of his race I’ve ever seen. He has grown rapidly and earns his own keep now by guarding the ranch well. He has always been a loyal friend to me.
I trained him just like the war-cats that protect the nearest village. He earns his keep, no matter where he goes. He has been a great friend since I carried him home as well. I sure needed one too.
Together we are leaving in the morning.
I always knew I would be leaving to find my own way around the world. So did my parents, they are wise about things like that. That was why they made sure I have the skills I needed to do so. I know how to cook, I know how to clean. I know how to mend my gear. I know how to trade, I know how to talk to others, even though in general I prefer not to. None of that was hard to learn as I always loved spending time with my parents as they did all of those things routinely. That is hand on learning that I like the most.
I’ve always had a knack for working with animals especially.
My parents have encouraged me to go and discover the world for myself. They want me to try and find my people at least. I am always welcome back, but they are well aware of the fact that the horizon I can’t see yet, is where I want to go next. It is time to start my story. I promised them it would be a great one, and they promised to read it.


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