eberron remembered

Adventure Log
Week 2

woke up this morning and headed out for the third day looking for the Goblin base. came across an obvious Trap as usual the tiger lady sent out her pet to scout the are then she went to go do tht scouting thing. the big armoured lady followed suit and moved in to the otherside with the trees. not much can be done, so teh big scruffy guy decided he would just go on and move forward. tiger lady said somehting about traps, but we already knew that, talk about being late to the show. Scruffy has started triggering the boulders and hopefully this will keep me from getting crushed. this is going to be slow going but, hey it’s better then getting crushed by a really big rock.

tiger lady yelled Incoming, so to watch my back, I walked behind a big rock for protection, and everyone else, well atleast Scruffy followed suit. well found out we got some Goblins running around like we where expecting, well didn’t really know what to expect actually though. these goblins seem to be a little bit more equipted than the last group. so guessed i should pull out the big guns my Heavy mace. Well for some reason the lead Gobllin thing started yelling something and then the Big girl started Laughing and fell on the ground, this is not good. lucky it only last a couple seconds thats good, I like to keep my life, but I guess I am going to and actually fight for once, have to rethink my thoughts on this sometime. Dogs, when did a dog show up. but it seems to be helping us, so at the moment I will leave it alone. still waiting to see when the big girl is going to get up here and fight. that goblin started screaming something new, nd scruffy said something about healing, which means that guy needs to die and die faast, I don’t want to die. big girl just attempted to come help out, not sure what happened but she just tripped over her own feet. what is going on here, that biggger goblin needs to go down, and stop helping the bad guys out. lucky the little puppy dog was helpful, wait he just vanished, were in trouble now the only thing making contact with these guys just went bye-bye. yeah another one went down, maybe i might not die. and the big girl is back up on her feet. I guess the bad lucky is going around to everyone. the last goblin went to swing and tossed his sword to the ground. the big girl finally did something useful this time. she actually hit something.

just had to confront the big Axe weilding girl, and asking why the hell she was laughing in the middle of a fight. then got down to business and checking out the dead things. found some decent potions, one is pretty good, not sure what the other two are but they seem to be helpful, so I guess we will keep them with the helpful potions. the tiger girl and scruffy are making the rest of the rocks fall, kind of annoying with all the noise. but i guess that will keep use from getting crushed by them. Need to talk to Scruffy about the dogs and see what he knows about them. this is the second time I ahve seen it, and he seems to have some knowledge of these strange things.

we kept travelling and finaly got close to the Goblin base of operation, we all came to the conclusion it is good to prep over night before going in weapons first. thankfully we got through the night with out any problems.

So now it is the time to go attempt to try and kill things and get that stuff we were asked to get. need to kill the Minatour so we can have a army of goblins, would ahve to make them take baths though, not a big fan of there smell.

so got up to the cave with the goblins and Minatour, if Big girl starts laughing again, I am going to smack her in the head with my mace. Time to go ahead and see about getting this armour. well I guess we hav to fight the smelly Goblins first since the Minatour seems to be lazy or scared, both work for me.

Big girl did something right, she went forward and did not fall or laugh, she didn’t hit anything but atleast she has there attention which can be either good or bad, lets see how things go. the big cat seems to be hold its own againest the smelly goblins, and from somewhere a Skeleton appeared from out of no where, but it seems to be helpful. the goblins seem to be going down pretty easy. another goblin down, the minatour seems to be slowly moving up. damn Goblin just nicked my arm it must pay for that, don’t like getting cut. the big girl seems to be doing a little bit better this time at least she is now hitting things. still have this pesky skeleton moving around, but as long as it doesn’t come after me I won’t have to smite it. well spoke to soon, just had to pull out my big mace again, I don’t like doing that, I might get hurt. The Minatour seems to be slow still not hitting anything, the Skeleton is doing good keeping it occupied. the big cat decided to be smart and get away from the fight. I need to follow suit, I don’t like this getting hit thing, it hurts. well having problems hitting things, so i had to get out of the thick of the fight, need to see about helping people stay alive, guess I need to heal or something, can’t let the big girl die on me. yeah, the Big girl is doing what she needs to be doing, making sure I stay alive. the Cat did somehting strange a second ago and jumped at the Minatour not sure how smart that was, but it seems to have also gotten an Arrow stuck in to the Minatour. well jumping at teh big horned guy was not smart as the Minatour just smacked the cat and he went down. what the hell just had an arrow come from behind, have to say something to the people covering our back. I guess i might have to see what i can do to possible get that cat back up. was able to hopefully keep the cat from dying, now just need to get it back up to standing so it can fight.

Yeah the Minatour went down, stupid smelly beast. but atleast we got it down, now to find this armour and do what we were being paid to do. the big girl is collecting all the stuff, found a few more healing potions. and a shiny piece of metal armour, but not what we are looking for, there is another tunnel at the back of the cave. look downthe tunnel, notice there is something down there, so to figure it out, pick up a rock hit it with a light spell and throw it down the tunnel. Found a chest need to go see what is in the chest the archer lady started shooting at the chest, with me right in front of it, not happy. but it got the chest open, and lucky the vestments we were looking for where there, now able to go back to town and take a bath. Gotten dirty on this trip. I can feel the dirt in bad places.

because of the time we decided to stay in the cave over night to recover. then headed back to the city to get paid and take a well needed rest. The three day trip back was thankfully uneventful. got back to town and immediately headed to find a private bath, while i think everyone else worried about getting rid of stuff. But before that we need to go turn in the vestments.

turned in the vestments and got rewarded, i guess that is good. Now we just have to figure out what we are going to try to do. the Dwarf has mentioned a city named Sharm, sounds like an interesting place might have to go there.

Have started Living in Sharm it is a big city but a good place to be able to find work and has a base to adventure out of. we ended up looking around a purchased a small house/shelter for somewhere to keep things. finally getting settled in and start checking out the area around us. looked around for a Temple of Pharasma. Found some good places, this city is nice kind of big for my taste. occasionally offer my services to the Healing guild and help with what i can.

sitting around in the tavern having a drink when a agent of house Orien walks up to us and puts a paper on the table. it is an offer for the Job, I think the agent was expecting something but what ever. the four of us decide to take he offer of work. everyone heads out grabs what is needed. Once ready we head to the meeting place, which is as usual difficult to get to, since the path is blocked by bars. had to give away the letter, so no learning about the parchment or anything.

these stairs are starting to get tiring, but meet some nice Gnomes (they were not blowing things up) that let us in to a room that had more stairs. went to the top of those stairs and what do i see a garden, did not expect a garden with a old man in it. well i hope this job is atleast interesting, and gives me a chance to spread teh word of Pharasma. we now meet the Man who we only know as V. and then magically more gnomes appear with chairs. Veor malik seems to be some one of importance. Mr. malik is a little weird and before he will talk with us he wants us to find an Ape in the Garden area. but he does not know where the Ape is. i guess if we want to get paid or atleast get something out of this trip. For some reason the tiger lady is throwing out good food around. the ttiger ladyy is still acting kind of weird. but at the moment what ever she is doing looks like it might be doing something. well now that we have the apes attention of somekind. still trying to see about getting behind the ape and see about atleast taking it down, as long as no one messes up the plans. took the Ape down, damn thing was annoying, actually had to jump in and fight.

so we have ben hired to bring back someone called Luken Stellos and it seems the someone, Luke, has stolen a powerful Sword from a Vault. so the good thing is we can bring this guy back dead or alive which can be a good thing. and then came the BUT, somethng about the guy has changed. so we have no idea what he is capable of. so itt looks like we are heading to the Town of Trolenport. time to get on the road. Malik has also mentioned something called Krell no idea or what a krell is. Luken has a sister, but is not anywhere to be found, so she may be with Luken. as we finish chatting with Malik we head out to start on our wonderful advventure to chatch a spy and bring him back to Justice. great they gave us horse, never rode one before, so this should be fun.

New Beginings
Green Dragon!

As well seasoned adventures, we feel no hesitation to step into the darkness of the cavern. We have come here for the additional fame, fortune, and glory. The area around us darken as we walk deeper into the cavern. Our eyes begin to adjust to the absence of light and we now can see the high blackened ceiling of this cave. A little further in we hear something and all stop. Looking further into the darkness we see what we came for, a green dragon and his horde. As we prepare our selves for the intense battle before us everything instantly becomes black

Sluggishly my eyes begin to open. Where am I? What happened? As I begin to right myself, hear “It worked!” I look around and can clearly see that we are now in a building with two dwarves. I am still stunned as he steps down from the dais and begins to speak with us. He is quite excited and I really only catch a few words he says because of my current state. I really didn’t catch all of the information because I didn’t feel too well after waking up on the floor.

I feel like I have been beaten by a mob again, stiff, sore, dizzy, and fuzzy headed. Maybe i just drank too much again and got into another scuffle. The dwarf continues to talk as I look over myself. No cuts, bruises, scrapes or anything like that. I then proceed to check out my stuff. Usually it’s all stolen after being rolled. Hmm, looks like the general basics. For some reason I can’t recall what was exactly in my pack. I still feel strange. I finally turn my attention to the dwarf just as he said “well, you all had died in the dragon’s lair”. That caught my attention. I begin to listen more intently. He explains that someone has stolen something important from them and our notoriety of past ventures had led him to choose us to assist in returning them. He said they had been looking for our remains and it has been 300 years since that day in the dragons den. You could hear the excitement in his voice like a young child getting presents on his celebration for his day of his birth. He states that bringing us back may have not been perfect since there were so little remains left to work from. We might not be as strong as before but still have our knowhow. After he explains the situation he asks us if we could be the heroes we were before and assist him in returning the stolen items.

The group confers and decides that we might as well help. I state that it is in my best interest since I am questing for knowledge and what better way to gain this but by venturing. Each of us set off to ready ourselves for this campaign; I went out with the little one for some lunch since it seems that I do not really need more supplies other than the ones in my pack. We all return back to the little house to meet back with the dwarfs. He hands us a simple map and some healing potions, just in case, and we set off.

Our first days travel was very quiet. During the first night our little one heard chanting deep into the woods. He awoke me and we discussed what it could be. The sound was faint and wasn’t moving. We decided that it didn’t appear threatening so I went back to bed. That morning I asked little Sam about what else happened with the noise. He stated that it continued for a short time and then stopped. We didn’t think anything about it then. We broke camp and continued on our way.

Continuing on the path we see something in the distance. One of us could make out that it was a goblin dog. It began to charge us. It wasn’t long and we defended ourselves well from the now slain dog. Just as it fell we look over and see three goblins shouting as they are running toward us. One of them stopped and began to chant in a foreign language as the other two begin to attack. Once again we were tasked with defending ourselves. I could not help but call for help in this situation. The fallen dog began to stand up as all its flesh fell off leaving nothing but a bunch of bones stained with blood. It began to assist us with the goblins. One of the goblins looked to be very shaken by the skeletal dog as it ran toward him. He, as well as the others, eventually fell.

We collected ourselves and any battle gains and continued on to complete our second day of travel without further issue. That night was quiet as well. We proceeded to break our fast and our camp. Further down the road we were jumped by a beast with multiple heads. We had no choice but to defend ourselves once again. We were once again victorious against another foe that felt that we needed to die. Why is everything out to get us? Just another question that needs an answer in my quest for knowledge.

- Zain

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