I remember the first game of dnd i ever played.i was thirty years old,i had heard of dungeons and dragons of course,who hasnt,?that game nerds play lol. well,fast forward alot of years and alot of dice rolls,and here i am,running my own campaign in what i sincerely hope to be one of the great epics of my life. I lo ve this game,i think thats why we ALL play it,and Im wanting to give my players that feeling of wonder and excitement i felt the first time my cleric Appolyon was able to kill a dragon by himself,or raise dead comrads back to life,or invoke the vengeful gaze of god upon an enemy.!! Hey,who isnt excited about those things? This will be my wifes very first game,and the first that this group has ventured out on together,so,I picked Eberron,even though im running pathfinder.BTW,excuse the grammar and punctuation,im sloppy about it,what can I say?.

Eberron,to me atleast is the classic black and white Noir movie.The intrigue of the dark lanterns,the horror last war,the monstrous nation looming at the doorstep….FUN!!
So,as my little band and I begin our journey,its with that child like since of anticipation we should all feel as the dice begin to roll.

eberron remembered

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